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    1. Publisher: Directorship.com
      We are tremendously pleased to have Tom join our board. As we continue to expand our business globally, Tom's significant experience in corporate strategy and information technology in the retail industry will be very beneficial to us.
      - In Savient Appoints CEO, Director
    2. Publisher: Directorship.com
      We are extremely pleased to add someone of Hubert's experience and background to our board of directors.
      - In Savient Appoints CEO, Director
    3. Publisher: Directorship.com
      With his extensive global experience in the business world and as a senior statesman for the United States, Jon brings a unique global perspective and experience to our board that will provide strategic guidance on critical trade and policy issues that are important to Caterpillar.
      - In Savient Appoints CEO, Director
    4. Publisher: Directorship.com
      Derrick has demonstrated tremendous talent during his long tenure with Quanta.
      - In Savient Appoints CEO, Director
    5. Publisher: Directorship.com
      This is the kind of partnership with Ron that I've always wanted.
      - In Savient Appoints CEO, Director
    6. Publisher: Directorship.com
      We are pleased to welcome Biggs to Fluor and we are confident that he will continue to further strengthen our financial discipline, maintain our excellent relationships with key financial audiences and help the company continue creating significant shareholder value.
      - In Savient Appoints CEO, Director
    7. Publisher: Light Reading India
      Mr Arvind Rao has submitted his resignation from the position as Managing Director and CEO with immediate effect and the board has accepted the same.
      - In OnMobile CEO Arvind Rao Exits
    8. Publisher: Bloomberg
      I do not believe that a single director of Progress would have voted for this transaction as structured with the knowledge that the CEO of Duke, Jim Rogers, would remain as the CEO of the combined company.
      - In Duke’s Rogers to Explain CEO Changes to North Carolina
    9. Publisher: Interactive Investor
      We believe Mr. Icahn's 2012 slate is even weaker than last year's.
      - In Forest hires search firm, rejects Icahn nominees
    10. Publisher: MarketWatch
      We are pleased to welcome these new Board members who will undoubtedly make a valuable contribution to NACD.
      - In NACD Philadelphia Names New Board Members
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