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    1. Publisher: Directorship.com
      Mark's leadership since joining JetBlue in 2006 has greatly contributed to our company's success.
      - In Offit Rejoins AIG Board
    2. Publisher: Directorship.com
      We are tremendously pleased to have Tom join our board. As we continue to expand our business globally, Tom's significant experience in corporate strategy and information technology in the retail industry will be very beneficial to us.
      - In Offit Rejoins AIG Board
    3. Publisher: Directorship.com
      We are extremely pleased to add someone of Hubert's experience and background to our board of directors.
      - In Offit Rejoins AIG Board
    4. Publisher: Directorship.com
      With his extensive global experience in the business world and as a senior statesman for the United States, Jon brings a unique global perspective and experience to our board that will provide strategic guidance on critical trade and policy issues that are important to Caterpillar.
      - In Offit Rejoins AIG Board
    5. Publisher: Directorship.com
      Derrick has demonstrated tremendous talent during his long tenure with Quanta.
      - In Offit Rejoins AIG Board
    6. Publisher: Directorship.com
      This is the kind of partnership with Ron that I've always wanted.
      - In Offit Rejoins AIG Board
    7. Publisher: Directorship.com
      We are pleased to welcome Biggs to Fluor and we are confident that he will continue to further strengthen our financial discipline, maintain our excellent relationships with key financial audiences and help the company continue creating significant shareholder value.
      - In Offit Rejoins AIG Board
    8. Publisher: Business Standard
      There are questions about how the government will play out its ownership role. This is not restricted to Nabard, it is something which is being played out in a number of institutions including the commercial banks.
      - In Govt should restrict its role in banks, FIs to boards: RBI
    9. Publisher: wired.co.uk
      Mobile phones were wonderful as long as you stayed in the country, but if you crossed the boarder, the roaming charges were abhorrent. I want an open Europe without borders where people can move freely.
      - In Viviane Reding: You can't break down monopolies without media support
    10. Publisher: The New York Times
      FAMU refused to suspend the FAMU band prior to the Florida Classic, as suggested by Dean Kirby, due to the public notoriety and financial gain of participating in events during the three-day Florida Classic Weekend.
      - In Florida A&M President Resigns
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