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    2. WeWork’s Board of Directors Announces Leadership Changes

      WeWork’s Board of Directors Announces Leadership Changes
      WeWorks Board of Directors today announced the following leadership changes: Co-founder Adam Neumann has decided to step back from his role as CEO, and will continue on as non-executive chairman of the board. WeWorks Artie Minson, formerly co-president and chief financial officer, and Sebastian Gunningham, formerly vice chairman, have been named co-CEOs of the company. These changes are effective immediately...
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    1. SoftBank has already received most of the benefits provided to it under the MTA [Master Transaction Agreement], including broad control of WeWork and additional economic benefits.
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    2. WeWork and SoftBank and perhaps even JP Morgan are in some level of a reputational crisis right now.
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    3. WeWork believes this lawsuit is meritless.
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