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    1. I write to urge you not to remove the growth cap the Federal Reserve has imposed on Wells Fargo until the company's Board of Directors replaces CEO Tim Sloan with someone who is not deeply implicated in the bank's repeated and egregious misconduct.
      In Elizabeth Warren to Fed: Wells Fargo CEO Must Go
    2. Wayne is a proven leader, and his extensive experience in business operations and processes, including executing on strategic initiatives in complex operating environments, makes him an outstanding addition to our board as the company focuses on achieving operational excellence. We welcome him to Wells Fargo.
      In Wayne M. Hewett Joins Board of Wells Fargo & Company
    3. Wayne brings a unique and relevant background to Wells Fargo's business and strategic direction, further enhancing the breadth of skills and experience of our board.
      In Wayne M. Hewett Joins Board of Wells Fargo & Company