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  2. Quotes about VMware

    1. The integration with Dell is a huge transition for the company, but we believe this is a great opportunity to accelerate the growth of VMWare.
      In VMware CEO on new boss Michael Dell: ‘We’re getting along quite well’ (VMW)
    2. Convergence is indisputably one of the greatest forces in computing today, and Scale Computing has deep proprietary technology in this area that delivers a truly compelling and competitive alternative to VMware.
      In Scale Computing Appoints Dario Zamarian to Board of Directors
    3. Based on IBM's recent offer for Red Hat, a deal we believe should have a comparable valuation to a future VMWare deal, VMW should be worth US$300 per share.
      In Icahn Says VMWare Should be Worth US$300 Per Share, Cites Red Hat Deal