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    2. LiveXLive Appoints Vivendi Executive, Maria Garrido, to its Board of Directors

      LiveXLive Appoints Vivendi Executive, Maria Garrido, to its Board of Directors
      LOS ANGELES, Dec.30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ --LiveXLive Media(Nasdaq:LIVX) ("LiveXLive"), a global platform for livestream and on-demand audio, video and podcast content in music, comedy and pop culture, and owner ofPodcastOne,Slacker RadioandReact Presents, announced todaythatMaria Garridohas been appointed to the Company's Board of Directors...
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    1. Despite their divergent views, and after the very poor results announced by Lagardère a few days ago, Vivendi and Amber Capital have decided to sign a pact.
      In Vivendi Teams Up With Activist Investor To Seek Board Seats At Lagardere
    2. Following the refusal by the Supervisory Board and the Managing Partners of Lagardère concerning the respective proposals from Amber Capital and Vivendi, these two companies will refer the matter to the Paris Commercial Tribunal to seek a shareholders meeting, in accordance with the law and with their August 10 agreements.
      In Vivendi and Amber to go to Court Over Lagardere's EGM Refusal
    3. Amos Genish has the full support of Vivendi for the execution of the 2018-2020 industrial plan.
      In Vivendi Names Telecom Italia Board Candidates