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    1. We strongly urge management and the board to appoint an independent director as executive chairman and that it not be Philippe Dauman. We hope management and the board will continue to act responsibly in addressing Viacom's depressed stock price relative to its much higher asset value.
      In Showdown at Viacom: What's Next as the Sumner Redstone Era Ends
    2. CBS and Viacom, given the majority ownership of the Redstones, have always been on the high side -- what they want is what happens there.
      In CBS Chief Will Get $100 Million Severance and Still Keep his Job
    3. If Alibaba is going to be serious about getting into the entertainment industry Viacom should sell Jack Ma a piece of Paramount.
      In Investor Urges Viacom to Sell Paramount Studio Stake to Alibaba