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    2. Elon Musk's Next Massive Payday Looms

      Elon Musk's Next Massive Payday Looms
      Does the richest person on the planet need another massive pay package? That's the decision facing the Tesla board of directors. CEO Elon Musk doesn't receive any cash salary or bonus. He's paid only with stock options. But he has just about exhausted the options available from the compensation package he got from Tesla in 2018, a package that turned out to be the most lucrative package ...
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    1. Announcing his intentions to pursue certain products through Twitter could be a thing of the past.
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    2. Twitter has been and continues to be a transformative service for the media landscape and the world.
      In Twitter Adds BET Networks CEO Debra Lee as Director
    3. What's interesting about Twitter is that the value is not the social network you bring to it.
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