1. The Pandemic

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    2. What The Pandemic Taught Us About Transparency In Corporate Disclosures

      What The Pandemic Taught Us About Transparency In Corporate Disclosures
      We can all agree that the past year and a half has been unique. As the Covid-19 pandemic forced businesses and schools to close, we all had to adjust to a new remote lifestyle. Among other things, we had to learn and master new ways of communicating with our families, friends and colleagues to share information and maintain relationships...
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  2. Quotes about The Pandemic

    1. While we are confident that Delta will recover quickly once the country comes through the pandemic, the payment of special bonuses to management while the airline is still burning cash is premature and inappropriate.
      In Delta Hands Out Bonuses to Managers Whose Pay Was Cut in the Pandemic
    2. Those businesses that were severely harmed by the pandemic may have no choice but to grant some degree of discretion to compensation committees making the final annual payout determinations—so that they can modulate pay-for-performance according to the specific circumstances they face.
      In Executive Compensation: Just 6 Percent of Russell 3000 Companies Have Announced COVID-Related Incentive Plan Changes, but 2021 Payouts Likely to Dip
    3. Having realized more than a $110 million in compensation over the past four years, CEO Donald Slager has been well taken care of by Republic, even before the sweetened payoff, something which cannot be said for the thousands of Republic employees working on the frontline amid the pandemic.
      In Teamsters Urge Republic Services Shareholders To Oppose Say-On-Pay