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    2. Beyond the Target: M&A Decisions and Rival Ownership

      Beyond the Target: M&A Decisions and Rival Ownership
      There has been a long-standing question on why U.S. shareholders remain largely inactive in standing up against acquisitions that destroy shareholder wealth. Although not all acquisitions require the voting approval of shareholders, large shareholders can still exert their influence through other means such as the threat of exit or behind-the-scenes interventions...
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    3. How Cyberattacks Target Stakeholders

      How Cyberattacks Target Stakeholders
      For businesses hit by ransomware attacks, paying the ransom is often the most practical solution to recovering data and minimizing an extremely stressful situation. However, paying a ransom, which can sometimes range into the millions, is easier said than done. In situations where a ransom isnt or cant be paid for a variety of business reasonssuch as potential sanctions organizations need to prepare for the avenues that threat actors will ...
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    1. He held himself personally accountable and pledged that Target would emerge a better company.
      In Target CEO Gregg Steinhafel Resigns In Data Breach Fallout
    2. Seeing the enormous progress made by these 10 top FTSE 100 companies demonstrates that the UK's voluntary, business-led approach is working. Our target of 25% women on boards by 2015 is in sight.
      In Cable: Still Not Enough Women On UK Boards
    3. Being taken over is a very personal matter for a board member and often their identity is tied to their position. If they are the target, they don't want to also be the victim and will push back where they can
      In Clash of the Egos: When Boardroom Bust-ups Derail Deals