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    2. Linking Executive Compensation to ESG Performance

      Linking Executive Compensation to ESG Performance
      As companies address two fundamental and related shiftsthe intensified focus on environmental,social governance (ESG) issues driven by investors, employees, consumers, business partners, ESG rating agencies, and regulators,[1]and the shift to a multistakeholder form of capitalism[2]corporate boards are not only incorporating nonfinancial matters into discussions of company strategy and business plans, but also increasingly considering ESG performance measures in incentive plans...
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    1. Each senior executive will also be granted 245,750 stock units and 502,550 stock options on November 1.
      In Hefty Pay Hike, Stocks for Infosys Managers, Executives
    2. CEO compensation over the last few decades has pretty well tracked the stock market, because around 75 percent of CEO compensation is stock awards and stock options.
      In Average CEO Earnings Soared to $21.3 Million Last Year and Could Rise Again in 2020
    3. A recommendation shaped by Kay would ignore signing bonuses, pensions and perks — including company airplane, car, driver, club memberships and home security systems — along with out-of-the-money stock options when making pay-for-performance assessments.
      In CEO 'pay' definition remains unclear as SEC struggles to meet Dodd-Frank