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    2. Today’s Tech Founders Don’t Just Own the Company. They’re Also Getting Huge Pay Packages.

      Today’s Tech Founders Don’t Just Own the Company. They’re Also Getting Huge Pay Packages.
      Archer Aviation Inc. is years from producing its only planned product, a four-passenger electric air taxi that the main U.S. regulator hasnt yet certified. It hasnt generated any revenue. Still, the co-founders of this three-year-old company got a huge payday last month, a $99 million special stock award that stands to quadruple if Archer hits other milestonesthanks to a compensation package they negotiated before it listed publicly on Sept ...
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    1. There are hundreds of startups with a lot of brains and money working on various alternatives to traditional banking.
      In This JPMorgan Memo Shows the Bank is 'Aggressively' Investing in Blockchain Tech and Robotics
    2. I think the pendulum has swung to where now, in the last five to ten years, cool tech startups have to be places where everybody comes to have a darn good time.
      In Intel's CEO Resigned After Violating a No-Dating Rule. More Companies are Adding Them
    3. We would like to welcome Daniel to TMBXF's Board of Directors. His experience and expertise in finance includes acquisitions and startups, both domestically and abroad as well as management of those companies, and will be a huge asset to our Company.
      In Tombstone Exploration Corporation Names Daniel A. Cistone to Board of Directors