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    2. ESG in 2021 So Far: An Update

      ESG in 2021 So Far: An Update
      The rapidly growing focus on environmental, social and governance (ESG) matters that marked 2020 continued to shape events for companies operating or based in the U.K. and Europe in 2021. Discussions of ESG are occurring at all levels, from the boardroom to investors to employees, and governments, regulators and companies are all being encouraged to take these matters into consideration...
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    1. RBS has been very clear in its support for enhanced corporate governance and, in particular, stakeholder engagement.
      In Investor Groups Win Vote on RBS Shareholder Committee
    2. Elliott urges the Company to announce a new CEO without further delay and, once appointed, invites the new CEO to commence a strategic review in which all options to enhance stakeholder value should be considered.
      In Investor Elliott Urges Germany's GEA Group to Appoint CEO
    3. The formation of the stakeholder advisory council is part of our commitment to continued engagement with our stakeholders to obtain their feedback.
      In Wells Fargo Forms Stakeholder Advisory Council, Names CalSTRS' Anne Sheehan to Group