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    2. Shareholder Voting Trends (2018-2022)

      Shareholder Voting Trends (2018-2022)
      This post provides an overview of shareholder resolutions filed at Russell 3000 and SP 500 companies through mid-July 2022, including trends regarding the volume and topics of shareholder proposals, the level of support received by those proposals when put to a vote, and the types of proposal sponsors. The report is accompanied by a Live Dashboard, which contains the most current figures and enables data cuts by market index, business ...
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    1. We found that CEO pay continued to increase after SOP — possibly at a slower rate than historical CEO pay increases — and that CEO pay distribution was narrower after SOP than it was before shareholder voting on executive compensation was implemented, Did Say-on-Pay Reduce and/or
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    2. It is high time to revisit this critical form and make it useful in creating needed transparency around the fundamental exercise of shareholder voting.
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