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    2. A New Way of Seeing Value

      A New Way of Seeing Value
      Engine No. 1s Total Value Framework is a data-driven approach to investing that puts a tangible value on a companys environmental, social and governance impacts and ties those impacts to long-term value creation. Interest in environmental, social and governance (ESG) has never been greater, and yet, ESG ratings systems conflict with one another and remain uncorrelated from financial returns. The inability to tie data to actual outcomes has supported shareholders ...
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    1. Ed and Jim will bring their deep expertise and business acumen to an already highly distinguished DuPont Board as we continue the transformation of the company to deliver strong, sustainable growth and shareholder value.
      In DuPont's Activist Response Has Perfect Formula To Counter Trian's Nelson Peltz
    2. This split is a direct reflection of the past seven years of increasing shareholder value, enhancing the liquidity of our shares, and building an attractive share price.
      In Starbucks Plans To Split Its Stock 2-For-1
    3. Related/Corvex's business plan for CommonWealth REIT (CWH) is reckless and not credible given track record of destroying shareholder value in publicly owned real estate companies.
      In CommonWealth fires back at dissident shareholders