1. Shareholder Activism

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    2. Shareholder Activists Will Target SPACs In 2022 – But It Won’t Be Easy

      Shareholder Activists Will Target SPACs In 2022 – But It Won’t Be Easy
      Shareholder activists who are searching for undervalued or underperforming companies could find an exceptionally target-rich environment among the SPACs that completed MA deals in the last few years. But successful SPACtivism, as its now called, wont be as easy as it looks on the surface. Nothing worth doing is ever that easy...
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    3. Annual Review of Shareholder Activism

      Annual Review of Shareholder Activism
      2021 U.S. activity increased from 2020, representing 55% of global campaigns and 49% of global capital deployed, but remained below historical levels as Europe has become a greater share of global activity; campaign activity in APAC and Canada stalled in H2 2021 after a strong start to the year and trailed levels seen in 2020, a period when ROW accounted for an out-sized share of global campaigns...
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  2. Quotes about Shareholder Activism

    1. In the U.S., the shareholder activism trend is at its apex.
      In Fearing Activist Investors, C-Suites Get Proactive
    2. I believe that the kind of shareholder activism that Icahn Enterprises practices has been extremely successful because we seek to bring true corporate democracy to the companies we are involved with through exercising our rights as shareholders to hold chief executives accountable and change unproductive management that needs to be changed.
      Carl Icahn in Carl Icahn Attacks Companies That Protect 'Unfit' Chief Executives
    3. If you want to ignite a heated discussion, just bring up the topic of shareholder activism.
      In Activism at Public Companies Erodes Gender, Racial and Ethnic Diversity, but also Results in Younger, More Independent Boards