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    2. Intel CEO Salary: Shareholders Vote Against Executive Pay Program

      Intel CEO Salary: Shareholders Vote Against Executive Pay Program
      Intel shareholders voted against the companys executive compensation program last week, which included part of a $178.6 million payout to CEO Pat Gelsinger, according to a regulatory filing published Monday.Around 1.78 billion votes, making up around 54.2% of shareholders of the chip-manufacturing giant, were cast against the executive compensation, while 932 million votes were made in favor. Around 577 million votes abstained or were broker non-votes...
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    1. The salary leaks were the result of political infighting that was launched by Rouhani's conservative rivals to undermine him before the upcoming election.
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    2. State-owned companies must realize more equitable salary levels.
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    3. It's a bit like saying that your salary for July will only be paid if you're still working at the company four years later.
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