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    2. C-Suite View of Volatility, War, Risks, and Growth for Global Business

      C-Suite View of Volatility, War, Risks, and Growth for Global Business
      The Russian invasion of Ukraine is proving to be the ultimate grey swan eventan event whose possible occurrence may be predicted but whose probability is considered smallcreating extraordinary volatility and uncertainty with global ramifications for national economies, the business environment, consumers, and humanitarian relief...
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    1. While we believe that some shareholders ... will be frustrated with the current regulatory situation in Russia ... we do not believe that there is substantial evidence to suggest that the management board has breached its duties in connection with the takeover offer.
      In Shareholder Advisors, Top Investor Oppose Elliott Call for Uniper Stake Sale Probe
    2. What these lists do is give courageous CEOs the confidence to keep going, and the wannabe courageous ones the reinforcements to deal with their boards so they come off as responsible business leaders when they can see a stampede of their peers leaving Russia.
      In How a Yale Professor’s Viral List Pressured Companies to Pull Out of Russia
    3. The biggest conflict concerns are his close business and personal Russia and Putin connections.
      In Naming ExxonMobil's Tillerson As Top Diplomat Raises Boardroom, Russia Conflicts