1. Proxy Season

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    2. The Impact of ESG on Proxy Season and Proxy Voting

      The Impact of ESG on Proxy Season and Proxy Voting
      Companies in all industries facegrowing pressureto implement credible strategies for addressing environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues. ESG-focused investors have become an increasingly influential force for change that most companies can no longer ignore. In fact, a 2022MSCI reportstates that, ESG investing has become a prevailing part of investing, and predicts that the trend will only grow stronger...
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    1. If the board is unwilling to implement meaningful changes to its current corporate strategy, capital allocation plans, and compensation policies, then we believe another active proxy season is inevitable come 2016.
      In Activist Ancora Threatens Another Proxy Fight at Shutterfly
    2. In the 2017 proxy season, retail shareholders beneficially-owned 30% of the shares in U.S. public companies; however, only 29% of those shares voted.
      In Bill Ackman Is Watching for These Six Washington Policies
    3. One thing that is somewhat remarkable about this proxy season is that votes in favor of environmental, social, and governance resolutions were higher than they've ever been.
      In American Express, GE, ExxonMobil, Smacked by Shareholders Over Diversity, Climate Change