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    2. Electronic Arts Executive Pay Draws Fire From Proxy Advisers

      Electronic Arts Executive Pay Draws Fire From Proxy Advisers
      Institutional Shareholder Services is joining calls for Electronic Arts Inc. investors to vote against the video-game makers pay plan, citing significant concerns about a special round of stock awards. Electronic Arts executives previously received special equity awards for fiscal 2018 that havent yet vested, raising questions about the necessity of the latest payouts, the proxy adviser said in a report...
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    1. We will try and have a dialogue with the largest shareholders and proxy advisers to see what we can change with the remuneration system to get to a outcome where the report is accepted by shareholders next year.
      In Meyer Burger Shareholders Symbolically Reject Pay Plan
    2. I am beyond furious at the attacks on proxy advisers
      In Proxy advisory firms should split businesses — CII speakers
    3. We believe litigation to be necessary to prevent the chill of proxy advisers' protected speech and to ensure the timeliness and independence of the advice that shareholders rely on to make decisions with regards to the governance of their publicly traded portfolio companies.
      In Proxy Adviser ISS Sues U.S. Markets Regulator Over Guidance Aimed at Curbing Advice