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    1. Gary's proven leadership and comprehensive understanding of the energy industry and experience overseeing all aspects of the company, with industrial, transportation and retail businesses, will add valuable depth as PPG continues to grow our operations throughout the world.
      In Heminger Joins PPG Board of Directors
    2. Anne's extensive background within various PPG functions and business units will be valuable in this important leadership position.
      In PPG Appoints Anne M. Foulkes as Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary
    3. The failure of the AkzoNobel Boards to engage with PPG to fully evaluate and discuss PPG's proposal reflects a continued lack of proper governance, and is another attempt to avoid a true comparison on stakeholder impacts of PPG's proposal versus AkzoNobel's standalone plan.
      In PPG 'Disappointed' By AkzoNobel Rejection, Says Paint Maker Has Poor Corporate Governance