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  2. Quotes about Office Depot

    1. I joined the Office Depot Board of Directors in August 2013 to help the company hire a new CEO and to aid in the smooth transition and integration of the merger with OfficeMax, and I'm exceedingly pleased with our accomplishments and the strong foundation for continued success.
      In Office Depot, Inc. Announces Resignation of Jeffrey Smith from Its Board of Directors
    2. The commission has reason to believe that the proposed merger between Staples and Office Depot is likely to eliminate beneficial competition that large companies rely on to reduce the costs of office supplies.
      In Staples Drops After U.S. Moves to Challenge Office Depot Deal
    3. Office Depot is a strong company that has delivered six consecutive quarters of significant profit improvement and has more than $2 billion of liquidity. While we continue to work with regulatory agencies to complete the transaction with Staples, we are prepared for any outcome.
      In Office Depot Survival in Question if Merger With Staples Fails, Analysts Say