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    2. Want Progress on Diversity? Link it to Your CEO’s Pay

      Want Progress on Diversity? Link it to Your CEO’s Pay
      Last June,as the nation convulsed with protests against racial inequality and the police killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and too many others,Nikewas inthe same predicament as much of corporate Americapledging to help rectify societys mistreatment and exclusion of Black people, while simultaneously being called out for its own failings on that front...
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  2. Quotes about NIKE

    1. The weakness is still the margin... the competition shows how it should be done. Adidas is still a world away from Nike.
      In Adidas Investors Seek Influence on Supervisory Board
    2. For many years we've been privileged to have both Doug Houser and Orin Smith as influential directors on our board. They have provided valuable insight and contributions and I'm extremely grateful for the leadership they have brought to Nike over the years.
      In Douglas G. Houser and Orin C. Smith Announce Retirement from Nike Board of Directors
    3. Nike shareholders have consistently and overwhelmingly voted in favor of Mark's (compensation) and the pay of other executive officers.
      In Nike Reports its CEO Compensation was 550 Times Median Company Employee