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    2. GE’s Immelt-Down: Harsh Light on in-the-Dark CEO’s Failure

      GE’s Immelt-Down: Harsh Light on in-the-Dark CEO’s Failure
      In March of 2017, Jeff Immelt was in his 16th year as CEO of General Electric and at least in his head he was remaking the iconic conglomerate into the very model of the modern industrial company. He was expanding the old GEs historic footprint in power and aviation while embracing a new world of clean energy and software analytics...
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    1. I'm not pushing them to do any transaction.
      In Trian's Peltz Says 'Not Pushing' Mondelez for a Big Deal
    2. I said that didn't work then, it's not working now.
      In Nelson Peltz: Ready to Accept Two Seats on DuPont Board
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    1. Because the election results were so close, and because a large number of shareholders voted for Nelson Peltz to be a director, the board has engaged in numerous discussions with Mr. Peltz regarding a board seat.
      In P&G Appoints Peltz to Board Despite Losing Proxy Battle
    2. Nelson Peltz would seek to fundamentally change the soul of our company.
      In P&G (PG) CEO Slams Activist Nelson Peltz, Says He Would 'Change Soul' of Company
    3. If Nelson Peltz gets a board seat, he will be working from a minority position and will need a more compelling argument than we've seen thus far to convince the other directors his plan is superior to the current one.
      In What Would Really Happen If Nelson Peltz Wins His Procter & Gamble (PG) Boardroom Battle