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    1. Corporate governance continues to evolve.
      In Governance Trends Shaping the Board of the Future - Diversity and Performance
    2. With respect to say on pay, we found differences in shareholder support at companies with favorable voting below 50%, specifically that retail shareholders supported say on pay at higher rates than institutional shareholders.
      In Directors Elected with Increased Level of Shareholder Support
    3. Directors surveyed expressed concerns about the efficacy of recent regulatory and enforcement initiatives, many saying that such initiatives fail to achieve increased investor protections, public trust and transparency.
      In PwC Releases Annual Corporate Directors Survey Findings on Topics of Regulatory and Enforcement Environment, Strategy ...
    4. The evolution of corporate governance has caused directors to reconsider their relationships with stakeholders.
      In PwC Annual Corporate Directors Survey Identifies Contrasting Director Views on Stakeholder Engagement
    5. Today's world of corporate governance is impacting boardroom dynamics, prompting corporate directors to reflect on the primary motivation behind their board service.
      In PwC Survey: Directors More Critical of Their Peers' Performance