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    1. As Facebook works to connect the entire world and to build the infrastructure for a global community, WhatsApp will clearly help accelerate our progress.
      In Facebook CEO Raises Dealmaker Profile With $19 Billion Takeover
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    1. Despite strong urging from the company to reject each and every one of these proposals, nearly half of independent shareholders supported two proposals for stronger governance and content management, demonstrating just how out of sync CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his team are with the average investor.
      In Frustrated With Facebook, Google, Tesla? So Are Their Shareholders
    2. Publicly, however, Facebook has been resolute in its support of Thiel, no matter his political views: In October, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg sent a memo around to employees saying that
      In Netflix's CEO Gave Peter Thiel a Bad Grade as a Facebook Board Member Because he Supported Trump
    3. The only other CEO who has realized more value in the same time period is Mark Zuckerberg, who exercised 1.2 million options over two years.
      In Tim Cook Has Collected Over $650 Million in Apple Stock Since he Became CEO as he's Led the Company to be Worth Over $1 Trillion