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    1. Last year, McDonald's filed an unprecedented lawsuit against Steve Easterbrook, our former CEO, to hold him accountable for his lies and misconduct, including the way in which he exploited his position as CEO.
      In Fired McDonald's CEO Steve Easterbrook is Forced to Pay Back $105 Million in Severance Over Claims That he Lied About Affairs With Employees
    2. The current Nissan civil lawsuit is an extension to the extremely unreasonable internal investigation with sinister intent by a portion of Nissan's senior management and the unreasonable arrests and indictments by the public prosecutors.
      In Nissan’s Civil Court Case Against Former Chairman Ghosn Opens in Japan
    3. The present complaint reflects an effort by two directors to use WeWork's resources to pursue a lawsuit designed to create a personal benefit for the directors who brought it. That is improper.
      In WeWork Directors Defend Right to Represent Shareholders Against SoftBank