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    2. The Business Case for Boardroom Diversity

      The Business Case for Boardroom Diversity
      When Goldman Sachs announced that it would help companies go public only if they had at least one diverse board member meaning that the bank wouldnt work with I.P.O. hopefuls whose directors were all white men it was met with a mix of support and skepticism. In the year since, with less fanfare, the bank has also built up a business to help recruit directors for those boards ...
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    1. One of the investors in JPMorgan went to them in 2011 and said, 'We don't think your risk organization is paying enough attention to the chief investment officer. They were forewarned that the chief risk officer was being complacent.
      In Back to school for corporate governance
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    1. JPMorgan Chase continues to support consumers, businesses, and communities and make a significant positive impact.
      Jamie Dimon in JP Morgan BEATS Expectations, Plans to Raise its Dividend
    2. Tim's many years of experience as a regulator, lawyer and banker at JPMorgan Chase make him the right choice to lead the Santander Holdings USA and Santander Bank boards.
      In Santander Names T. Timothy Ryan, Jr. As Chairman Of Santander Holdings