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    2. Renewed Interest in Takeover Defenses in Japan

      Renewed Interest in Takeover Defenses in Japan
      In anarticle written in Japanese,Curtis Milhaupt, the William F. Baxter-Visa International Professor of Law at Stanford Law School and co-author Zenichi Shishido, professor emeritus at Hitotsubashi University, analyze problematic aspects of a recent, controversial Japanese Supreme Court decision validating the use of a poison pill corporate defense against an activist shareholder...
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    1. In corporate Japan, big pay gaps within the same company leads to lower motivation among employees.
      In Japan Firms Have No Plans to Strengthen Governance After Ghosn Arrest
    2. Phathom is well positioned with vonoprazan, a late-stage GI therapeutic, that has achieved clinical and commercial success in Japan.
      In Phathom Pharmaceuticals Announces Leadership Succession Plan and Strengthens Board of Directors with New Appointments
    3. Shareholders have suffered from the subsidization of Ito Yokado for so long that Seven & i is emerging as one of the most crucial tests for the success of corporate governance reform in Japan.
      In Loeb’s Third Point Takes Stake in Japan’s Seven & I Holdings