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    1. JPMorgan Chase continues to support consumers, businesses, and communities and make a significant positive impact.
      In JP Morgan BEATS Expectations, Plans to Raise its Dividend
    2. While the treatment will curtail my travel during this period, I have been advised that I will be able to continue to be actively involved in our business, and we will continue to run the company as normal. Our Board has been fully briefed and is totally supportive.
      In JPMorgan Should Revisit Splitting Dimon's Chairman and CEO Role
    3. The cancer is confined to the original site and the adjacent lymph nodes on the right side of my neck. Importantly, there is no evidence of cancer elsewhere in my body.
      In JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon Has Throat Cancer (JPM)
    4. Yet, despite the evidence, at a director's conference in Maryland three months ago, Jackson remarked.
      In Measuring JPMorgan's folly: What did Jamie Dimon really earn?
    5. The Board continues to seek a fair and reasonable settlement with the government on mortgage-related issues — and one that recognizes the extraordinary circumstances of the Bear Stearns and Washington Mutual transactions, which were undertaken at the request or encouragement of the U.S. Government.
      In Dimon's future questioned as JPMorgan posts first loss of his tenure
    6. The board, as an independent group, is still guiding this task force and will come to its own conclusions.
      In J&J's Weldon to help review JPMorgan's $5.8B derivative trading loss
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    1. The bigger impact is that the bank will have a board with a backbone and the guts to stand up to Jamie Dimon.
      In Jamie Dimon may face a new, tougher board
    2. The issue became a referendum on Jamie Dimon and, in our view, JPMorgman shareholders are best served by having Jamie Dimon run that company.
      In Dimon clings to JPMorgan chairman title, after fight
    3. For the Board to put the company in a position where there isn't a defined leader or replacement if Jamie Dimon were unable to function would be unacceptable.
      In JPMorgan Should Revisit Splitting Dimon's Chairman and CEO Role