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    2. Why Jack Dorsey’s Total Exit From Twitter Is Unusual—And Welcome

      Why Jack Dorsey’s Total Exit From Twitter Is Unusual—And Welcome
      Unlike many founders, who exit the CEO job only to hang on as executive chairman or a director for years, Dorsey is leaving both roles. He wrote Monday that after handing the reins to Twitter Chief Technology Officer Parag Agrawal, he plans to serve on the board through May-ish to help with the transition. The company alsonameddirector Bret Taylor, who is Salesforces president, as board chair...
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    1. Jack Dorsey is a talented entrepreneur who has helped create groundbreaking new businesses in the social media and commerce spaces.
      Robert Iger in Tech Takeover: Jack Dorsey Joins Sheryl Sandberg On Disney Board
    2. One of the things that we've seen from Jack Dorsey over at Square is he is great at building a talented board full of smart, successful and challenging members who can keep the company moving at its best.
      In Sacca Expects Twitter Board Turnover
    3. It's Jack Dorsey for sure, with a good idea.
      In Square's 'Heavyweight' Board May Belie Shareholder Pitfalls, Even Takeover Chances