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    2. Boards Must be Held Accountable for Sexual Harassment Scandals

      Boards Must be Held Accountable for Sexual Harassment Scandals
      When banks harm customers and preventable wildfires rage, corporate boards are remade and top executives are fired. Since 2016, when US regulators revealed that Wells Fargo had opened millions of unauthorised accounts, nine of 14 members of the banks board of directors have stepped down, and the chief executive has changed twice...
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    1. The company's HR department has detailed evidence of sexual misconduct, harassment and intimidation by virtually everyone in Steve's inner circle, and relating to board members as well.
      In Ousted Papa John's Chairman John Schnatter is Accusing the Pizza Chain's new CEO of Misconduct
    2. I have been involved in dozens and dozens of cases of sexual harassment that start out as consensual.
      In Intel's CEO Resigned After Violating a No-Dating Rule. More Companies are Adding Them
    3. Hartman was the subject of multiple allegations of sexual harassment during his tenure at Stryker and that these allegations were settled confidentially for substantial monetary payments.
      In ConMed Proxy Contest E-mails Reveal Bitter Fight