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    1. Rob brings with him a wealth of knowledge in finance and accounting, and especially dealing with public companies and capital markets. His extensive experience with the fintech and payments space will help guide us as we continue our growth and pursue our goal of driving additional value to each customer connection.
      In USA Technologies Welcomes New Board Members
    2. The SEC and FINRA should be ready to bring cases involving issues such as crypto, cyber, and fintech.
      In The SEC Will Tackle Bad Actors in Crypto and Needs to be Prepared to Fight Cases Against Them, Chair Gensler Said
    3. I am delighted Avery has joined our Board; his significant experience in information technology, background in designing banking software, and his in-depth knowledge of our banking systems is very valuable to us as we continue to lead the industry with an innovative, branchless banking platform and propel Canada's growing Fintech Industry.
      In Google Fiber Senior Software Engineer Avery Pennarun Joins Board of Pacific & Western Bank of Canada