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    2. House Oversight asks Big Oil Board Members to Testify

      House Oversight asks Big Oil Board Members to Testify
      The House Oversight and Reform Committee is calling members of the boards of directors of four oil companies to testify next month, expanding its investigation into the industrys efforts to downplay climate change. The panel yesterday asked members of the board from Exxon Mobil Corp., BP PLC, Royal Dutch Shell PLC and Chevron Corp. to appear at a Feb. 8 hearing focused on the companies net-zero emissions pledges and whether ...
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    1. We are very pleased that Mark has agreed to join our Board. He brings a wealth of knowledge and leadership from his highly successful career at XTO Energy; from its inception through its storied growth and ultimate merger with ExxonMobil.
      In Athlon Energy Appoints Mark Stevens to its Board of Directors
    2. ExxonMobil's external statements have accurately described its use of a proxy cost of carbon, and the documents produced to the Attorney General make this fact unmistakably clear.
      In New York Prosecutor Accuses Exxon of Misleading Investors on How it Accounts for Climate Change Risks
    3. ExxonMobil's filing shows that the company can't stem the tide of investor demand for disclosures of companies' plans to meet 2 degrees Celsius scenarios—but the devil is in the details.
      In The World's Largest Oil and Gas Companies are Getting Greener After Fighting with Shareholders for Months