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    2. Sardar Biglari and Cracker Barrel Call a Truce

      Sardar Biglari and Cracker Barrel Call a Truce
      Sardar Biglari will finally get one of his nominees to the Cracker Barrel board. And Cracker Barrel will not have to fend off its activist investor.The chairman of Biglari Holdings and the family-dining chain announced a cooperation agreement on Wednesday, ending, at least for now, an 11-year feud.As part of the deal, Cracker Barrel agreed to appointone of Biglaris nominees, Jody Bilney, to its board of directors. Bilney ...
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    3. Anne McEntee Joins MRC Global’s Board of Directors

      Anne McEntee Joins MRC Global’s Board of Directors
      MRC Global Inc.(NYSE: MRC) announced today thatAnne McEntee has joined MRC Globals board of directors. Robert Wood, MRC Globals chairman of the board of directors, commented, I am thrilled to welcome Anne to our Board as a new independent director. Annes impressive career at GE, including leadership roles in renewable energy, greatly expands the capabilities and insights available to MRC Global. Her appointment continues the refreshment of our Board ...
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    1. We strongly urge management and the board to appoint an independent director as executive chairman and that it not be Philippe Dauman. We hope management and the board will continue to act responsibly in addressing Viacom's depressed stock price relative to its much higher asset value.
      In Showdown at Viacom: What's Next as the Sumner Redstone Era Ends
    2. Although we see Executive Chairman Glenn Murphy as a capable pair of hands in the short term, Lululemon needs a CEO to guide it as it expands overseas and tries to make further gains in its home market.
      In Lululemon CEO Laurent Potdevin to Resign, Retailer cites 'Breach of Conduct'
    3. Marcelo has...positioned Sprint as a leader in the race to 5G, which promises to revolutionize the communications industry. He will continue to guide Sprint's strategy and momentum as Executive Chairman through a successful closing with T-Mobile.
      In Sprint Names Michel Combes as CEO and Marcelo Claure as Executive Chairman