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    2. For ESG investing to succeed, it needs to die

      For ESG investing to succeed, it needs to die
      Georgetown isnt exactly known to leave money on the table, but its endowment is a rare exception. In 2020, the university committed to fully divesting from fossil fuels within a decade. Georgetowns decision was hardly groundbreaking; its divestment is part of a broader embrace of ESG (environmental, social, and corporate governance) standards by Wall Street and ordinary investors...
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  2. Quotes about ESG investing

    1. I'm not surprised that Vanguard's board is fighting these proposals. I don't believe that socially responsible or ESG investing is necessarily a road to higher returns.
      In Vanguard's Sleepy Proxy Vote has One Quirk: Will Shareholders Divest from PetroChina/SinoPec?
    2. We should see less coal mines. We should be seeing more solar farms, thanks to the rise of ESG investing.
      In How Corporate Governance Is Changing