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    1. I am pleased and honored to support this initiative. As humanity explores the solar system and beyond, space resources will become increasingly important, and eventually essential. Luxembourg's vision in moving this endeavor forward is an important step.
      In Dr. Simon “Pete” Worden Joins the Luxembourg Government's Advisory Board in the Frame of the ...
    2. Under Richard's leadership, HBO set the gold standard for quality, bringing viewers premium content across genres. I've seen firsthand Richard's invaluable impact on a premium content business, and we welcome his strategic partnership as we endeavor to support creators, curate content for listeners, and drive Luminary's business forward.
      In Luminary Welcomes Richard Plepler to Board of Directors
    3. We both know that this endeavor would face a nearly insurmountable uphill struggle to succeed in the present Valeant environment without your confident support and the efforts of your team.
      In What We Know About the Former Valeant Employee who Just Got Arrested on Fraud Charges