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    1. If you continue to see more Cambridge Analyticas pop up on the platform, or Facebook skewing elections, or create hate crimes and ethnic cleansing around the world, then you will see social unrest to the point that regulatory bodies come in and mandate change.
      In Facebook Investors Boasting $3 Billion in Shares Want to Topple 'Robber Baron' Mark Zuckerberg
    2. The elections of Mrs. Gass and Mr. Lan are in keeping with Flowers' long-term board succession plan, and their respective experiences and expertise nicely complement the current capabilities of the board.
      In Flowers Foods Elects Rhonda O. Gass And Richard Lan To Board Of Directors
    3. This is an important step toward finalizing rules that will facilitate clarity and efficiency for shareholders voting in director elections.
      In U.S. Markets Watchdog Revives Effort to Overhaul Board Fight Votes