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    1. When we got divorced, it was still our desire to have the Wynn family be in control of the company, no matter what happened to be the state of the family.
      In Elaine Wynn Defends Fight to Retain Board Seat
    2. The tenor of this conversation led me to wonder whether I would be re-nominated for election at the annual meeting.
      In Game on: Elaine Wynn files formal proxy to regain board seat
    3. I met with the full nominating and corporate governance committee and the other independent directors and I responded to each and every question regarding my candidacy to the board.
      In Elaine Wynn Learned of Board Issue from Ex-Husband
    4. As the second and third largest stockholders of the company, respectively, Mr. Wynn and I would have every incentive to arrive at an agreement and avoid triggering a covenant violation.
      In Elaine Wynn Learned of Board Issue from Ex-Husband
    5. The company's success has been one of my life's main passions, and I bring that attitude to my role as a director each and every day.
      In Gloves Set to Come off in Wynn Proxy Fight