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    2. E.l.f. Beauty CEO Defends Track Record

      E.l.f. Beauty CEO Defends Track Record
      Activist investor Marathon Partners is launching a new campaign against beauty products maker e.l.f. Beauty Inc (NYSE: ELF) and wants to nominate three directors to the eight-person board. Marathon timeline Marathon Partners has been an e.l.f. Beauty shareholder since 2018 when it owned around 5% of the entire company. The activist initially pushed e.l.f. Beauty to consider a sale of itself or refocus on ...
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    3. Marathon Partners Delivers Letter to e.l.f. Board

      Marathon Partners Delivers Letter to e.l.f. Board
      Calls for the Company to Review All Strategic Alternatives, Including A Sale Believes that the Shares are Worth a Significant Premium versus the Current Market Price Does Not Believe that any Plan by Management to Continue to Operate Independently Would Exceed the Value Attainable from a Sale Transaction Questions why e.l.f...
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