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    2. Disney Accused by Activist Shareholder of 'Complicity in China Genocide'

      Disney Accused by Activist Shareholder of 'Complicity in China Genocide'
      The Walt Disney Company was confronted at its annual shareholder meeting Wednesday by an activist shareholder who accused the company of "complicity in China genocide," claiming the entertainment giant was being hypocritical for pulling its business away from Russia over human rights abuses but turning a blind eye to atrocities committed in China...
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    1. Its unclear what, if any, due diligence was done on these flagged orders.
      In Walmart Must Turn Over Files on Alleged Opioid-Mishandling
    2. It appears that insufficient due diligence was undertaken by the directors regarding the significant financial commitments associated with this lease and its impact on the cash flow.
      In The CEO of This Failed Startup Says Giving Himself a $50,000 Pay Raise is the Worst Mistake he Ever Made
    3. The Vision Fund has been a mess. It has been a case of an organisation with too much money just splashing it around without doing enough due diligence.
      In For SoftBank's Son, Coronavirus Turns Vision to Illusion