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    2. How a Disney and P&G Director Found Her Own Direction

      How a Disney and P&G Director Found Her Own Direction
      When Amy Chang joined the board of Procter Gamble Co. at 40 years old, she was so intimidated by the companys Fortune 50 status that she arrived 30 minutes early to her first meeting and snapped a photo of her name placard. She quickly texted it to her parents. Within months Ms. Chang found herself in the middle of what was then the most expensive proxy fight in U.S ...
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    1. The perspective he brings to Disney and its Board is extremely valuable given our strategic priorities, which include utilizing the latest technologies and platforms to reach more people and to enhance the relationship we have with our customers.
      Robert Iger in Twitter's Jack Dorsey To Join Disney Board Of Directors
    2. Amazon and Disney did the right thing by raising their minimum wage to $15 an hour.
      In Bernie Sanders Targets Walmart: Bill Would Block Stock Buybacks Unless Workers Get $15 Minimum Wage
    3. Defendants illegally obtained Maker shares and illegally voted those shares in favor of a merger with Disney.
      In Maker-Disney: New Lawsuit Asks for Unwinding of Merger