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    2. Corporate Social Responsibility Can No Longer be a Sideshow

      Corporate Social Responsibility Can No Longer be a Sideshow
      The global pandemic has unexpectedly redefined the essence of work, accelerated e-commerce and digital dependence and laid bare how societies function and prioritize. In the absence of a forcing function, these shifts would have taken decades to realize. But this unplanned transformation has also exposed a highly distorted world where the agents of capitalism are increasingly out of sync with societal priorities...
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    1. Katie and Vicki are two highly accomplished professionals who add to our Board's depth and perspective on critical topics such as public policy, human resources, corporate responsibility and communications.
      In Annaly Capital Management, Inc. Expands Board with Election of Katie Beirne Fallon and Vicki Williams
    2. Scott's deep understanding of the cybersecurity industry, as well as his M&A and corporate responsibility experience, will be very beneficial to our company.
      In Scott C. Taylor Appointed to J2 Global Board of Directors
    3. As a member of the corporate responsibility committee, Hernandez is not only charged with protecting Wells Fargo's reputation but, more importantly, the trust between the bank and the customers it serves.
      In California Treasurer Calls for Ouster of Key Wells Fargo Director