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    2. An Insider Takes Aim at Corporate America’s ‘Elite Charade’

      An Insider Takes Aim at Corporate America’s ‘Elite Charade’
      The setting is ironic for a late-afternoon cocktail with Anand Giridharadas, the self-appointed scourge of well-meaning plutocrats everywhere. The author of the biting 2018 book Winners Take All: The Elite Charade of Changing the World has suggested the bar at the Big 4 Restaurant in San Francisco's Huntington Hotel, where he is staying. And so we sip drinks amid the dark wood paneling and white tablecloths of a redoubt ...
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    1. The best boards are rethinking their assumptions about everything they know – from what business they are in, to how their corporate culture defines their company, to what needs disrupting and what doesn't.
      In 10 Issues Topping Board Agendas in 2017
    2. The business discipline that underpins our century of success also helps align our 20,000 employees around the core values that we live every day. Behaving ethically, with honesty, fairness, respect and responsibility, is at the heart of our corporate culture, Tim
      In Timken Recognized as One of World's Most Ethical Companies
    3. We will continue to implement our business plan as it was outlined and work to improve it. We will further reduce bureaucracy and continue to challenge the corporate culture.
      In Opel names strategy chief Sedran as interim CEO