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    2. Discovery Chief David Zaslav 2020 Pay Drops to $37.7 Million

      Discovery Chief David Zaslav 2020 Pay Drops to $37.7 Million
      Discovery Chief Executive Officer David Zaslav s total compensation fell more than 17% in 2020, topping out at $37.7 million. That was down from the $45.8 million that Zaslav pulled in the previous year and significantly down from the massive $129.4 million in compensation that the Discovery chief earned in 2018, which included the value of stock options that amounted to more than $100 million as part ...
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    1. Effective security awareness requires top-down commitment and communication, a tactic that the survey finds is often lacking across organizations. Only 49% of respondents say their organization has a cross-organizational team that regularly convenes to discuss, coordinate, and communicate information security issues
      In Cyber Security And The Danger Of Ostriches In The Boardroom
    2. Ray Milchovich was an exceptional lead director, promoting good corporate governance, effective communication among directors and critical strategic analysis at the board level.
      In Nucor (NUE) Appoints John Walkeras as Lead Director of the Board of Directors
    3. Boards clearly understand the importance of straight forward and effective communication, yet even by their own assessment, they're falling short.
      In The “New Normal” of Executive Compensation Disclosure