1. Climate Risk

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    2. 6 Ways Company Boards Should Prepare for Climate Risk

      6 Ways Company Boards Should Prepare for Climate Risk
      With risk, the writing is always on the wall. We know the storm will eventually come, yet in most cases when the storm hits leaders are questioned about why they didnt take more efforts to plan for a response, build resiliency into their operating models, and proactively avoid risks by creating environments that diminish them...
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  2. Quotes about Climate Risk

    1. This year, for the first time, our funds supported a number of climate-related shareholder resolutions opposed by company management. We are also discussing climate risk with company management and boards more than ever before.
      In Is Vanguard 'woke?' It speaks out on Wells Fargo, climate-risk Analysis, Gender Diversity
    2. Shareholders sent a strong message that they are dissatisfied with Exxon's poor governance, which is preventing the company from adequately addressing climate risk.
      In Exxon Investors Move Closer to Upending Dual CEO-Chairman Role
    3. Trying to strike out a shareholder proposal from institutional investors with a fiduciary responsibility to manage climate risk is an outdated reflex.
      In Exxon Mobil Asks U.S. Regulator to Block Climate-Change Resolution