1. Chapter 11

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  2. Quotes about Chapter 11

    1. I also want to thank Alan for his service and significant contributions over the last year as Trinity navigated its emergence from Chapter 11. His significant contributions have well positioned our company and will allow us to take Trinity into a new and exciting future.
      In Trinity Appoints New Member to Board of Directors
    2. His list of demands might be hard for the company to accept, putting the whole Chapter 11 timeline in jeopardy.
      In PG&E Faces a Sprint to Fix Restructuring After Governor’s Rebuke
    3. Whether or not Westinghouse files for Chapter 11 is ultimately a decision for its board, and must take into account the various interests of all of its stakeholders, including Toshiba and its creditors.
      In Toshiba Reportedly Plans to File a Westinghouse Bankruptcy on March 31