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    2. GameStop’s Short-Lived CFO Set to Leave With $30 Million Package

      GameStop’s Short-Lived CFO Set to Leave With $30 Million Package
      (Bloomberg) -- Jim Bell, the GameStop Corp. finance chief who is being pushed out after less than two years on the job, wont be leaving empty-handed. The executive will get $15.8 million when he departs, which is set for next month, and he could earn millions more from equity in coming years if activist investor Ryan Cohen can pull off a turnaround of the video-game retailer...
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    1. By acting decisively and swiftly in the wake of the recently announced departures of its CEO and CFO, and getting the right leadership and governance in place, GEA can regain its investors' trust and avoid a lengthy period of business drift and market uncertainty.
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    2. John brings to our board extensive entrepreneurial and senior management experience, particularly as a CFO of several global enterprises.
      In FISION Appoints Global CFO, John Bode, to Board of Directors
    3. Mark is an international public company CFO and CIO with more than 20 years of board-level experience.
      In Mark A. Zorko joins Westell’s Board of Directors as Audit Committee Chair