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    1. Care.com is a thought leader and innovator on addressing the cost of care for families, as well as an advocate for caregivers to have a path to financial inclusion. I'm excited to bring my experience to bear in helping Care.com execute on this all-important mission.
      In Care.com Appoints Marla Blow and William H. Harris to Board of Directors
    2. We're thrilled to welcome Duncan to our Board.  His experience building and scaling online marketplaces will be invaluable as we continue to grow Care.com and expand the services we offer across multiple platforms.
      In Care.com Appoints Duncan Robertson To Board Of Directors
    3. Care.com's mission to help families and corporations deal with the all-important issue of care could not be more relevant and I'm excited to join Sheila and the Board of Care.com in helping the company grow and expand.
      In Care.com Appoints Duncan Robertson To Board Of Directors