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    2. Shell Policies on Directors' Pay and Carbon Emissions in Spotlight

      Shell Policies on Directors' Pay and Carbon Emissions in Spotlight
      Investors have signalled unease about Royal Dutch Shells boardroom pay policy at the companys annual general meeting. Around seven per cent of votes cast opposed approval of the directors remuneration policy of the oil giant at the meeting. Chief executive Ban van Beurdens total remuneration dropped by around 9m last year, from 17.8m in 2018, following a fall in the value of his performance-related awards...
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    1. We filed the first carbon asset risk resolution in 2013.
      In Activist Investors Call on Chevron to Meet Paris Climate-Change Goals
    2. The board is extremely fortunate to have someone of Randy's successful business experience and in-depth understanding of Calgon Carbon's businesses to become our CEO. Having served on our board for more than four years, he is the perfect candidate to direct Calgon Carbon's continuing growth, while focusing on profitability.
      In Calgon Carbon Corporation Announces the Appointment of Randall Dearth as President and Chief Executive Officer and ...
    3. ExxonMobil's external statements have accurately described its use of a proxy cost of carbon, and the documents produced to the Attorney General make this fact unmistakably clear.
      In New York Prosecutor Accuses Exxon of Misleading Investors on How it Accounts for Climate Change Risks